Request for Docs Freeze Extension for ubuntu-docs

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Wed Mar 21 23:57:05 UTC 2012

Ok, here's my proposal, which should be more clear and concise than my
first email:

1. The Docs team will do what's necessary to get ubuntu-docs into the
LanguagePacks, so ubuntu-docs will be subject to the
LanguagePackTranslation deadline.
2. Delay the Docs Freeze for ubuntu-docs until next Tuesday, March 27.
This should allow for the latest ubuntu-docs to make it into Beta 2.
And in combination with #1, this should give the translators three
weeks to translate. I believe the wallpapers should land this week so
screenshots will be done by then also.
3. We might have additional changes that we make that following
weekend (March 31), but if we do, we'll submit a Docs Freeze Exception
bug to give the Release Team & the translators the chance to check and
then approve or reject.


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