Another worrisome email reminder sent to me by the Ubuntu wiki

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Thu Mar 8 06:01:48 UTC 2012

Hi :)
Ma Xiaojun (=damage3025) joined a few days ago and seems to have done a lot of good work according to the "Recent Changes".  They even have a user profile at Launchpad.  That is not typical behaviour from someone intent on causing damage!  

The attachments don't show up in the wiki mark-up.  The only pictures were the "i" in a blue circle and the signpost
I take it you guys are looking at the html/css of the page?  (In Seamonkey web-browser that's 
View - "Page source"
Firefox and InternetExplorer have something similar but i've no idea the exact wording in IE)

So i think that the images are not interpreted or "acted on" or anything by the web-browser, it doesn't attempt to display them.  So, even if they are infected or something then even on a Windows machine they wouldn't run their payload?  Has anyone scanned the image to see if it's anything other than a harmless screen-shot?

I still don't see the problem here.  As far as i can tell someone has started doing an edit and then not completed it.  They have uploaded a picture but not added the wiki mark-up required to display it. [shrugs]
Regards from
Tom :)

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Hi there,

This again like the last one shouldn't be of much concern, Brian is
one of our rockstars in bug-triage so he is probably working on
something as of now, try pinging him on IRC and get an idea on what's
going on.

- Vikram

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 8:16 PM, Little Girl <littlergirl at> wrote:
> Hey there,
> Here's another one very similar to the one I mentioned earlier today.
> It's an image that gets attached, it's attached to the same page,
> it's not visibly used in the page, but can be found by viewing the
> source of the page. It's from a different user this time. Here's the
> message I was sent:
> --------------------
> Dear Wiki user,
> You have subscribed to a wiki page "UserDocumentation" for change notification. An attachment has been added to that page by brian-murray. Following detailed information is available:
> Attachment name: ubuntu-bug-pkgname.png
> Attachment size: 33669
> Attachment link:
> Page link:
> --------------------
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