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Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Wed Apr 25 15:42:33 UTC 2012


How about you ping me in #ubuntu-doc on IRC?

This sort of explains what I used to make the screenshots. It needs a
bit of manual work and I didn't fully test from a clean install but it
should speed up what you need to take the shots.

Once you have the screenshots, it's not too hard to get them in. You
can submit a bzr merge proposal against lp:ubuntu-docs, you could zip
them and send them to us, etc., whatever's easiest.

I guess the simplified Chinese translation is in good shape. I see
it's not been uploaded to yet though.


On 25 April 2012 09:52, Mike Carifio <michael.carifio at> wrote:
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> Jeremy, Kyle Nitzsche, a colleague at Canonical, suggested you might be
> able to "fast track" my questions below. Pleased to meet you and please
> advise at your earliest convenience. Thanks.
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> Subject:     introduction, question
> Date:     Wed, 25 Apr 2012 07:50:17 -0600
> From:     Mike Carifio <michael.carifio at>
> To:     ubuntu-doc at
> CC:     Kyle Nitzsche <kyle.nitzsche at>
> My name is Mike Carifio. I'm involved in some of the effort to translate
> and localize Ubuntu Precise for zh_CN. We've noticed that some of the
> screenshots at
> <>
> are not localized. I'm willing to update them, but need to confirm some
> details and crowdsource others:
> 1) the bzr branch to do this seems to be
> <>
>    Right?
> 2) Which particular images should be done? Do they have any special
> requirements, such as image format or size?
> 3) If anyone has a means to automate this through some scripting and
> wants to point me at it, I'd appreciate it.
> 4) Within reason, if there are other images you would like to see
> localized, please suggest them. I can't promise I'll get to all of them,
> but I'll do what I can.
> Thanks.
> <>
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