Proposing Doug Smythies for ~ubuntu-core-doc

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Wed Apr 4 05:56:08 UTC 2012


Thanks so much for your vote of confidence.

Yes, I would be interested to join the team.
I have read the "Requirements for Ubuntu Documentation Committers" section, but several links are not working for me tonight, so I will try again tomorrow.

I am weak on DocBook and still have a lot to learn about it. My focus has been on improving the PDF version of the serverguide.

Doug Smythies

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Doug has done what seems to me to be outstanding work on the serverguide this cycle, and together with Peter Matulis has really propelled the document along. It seems to me that it would be appropriate for Doug to be able to make his own commits to the branch and that he is more than capable.

On that basis I'd like to propose him for membership of ~ubuntu-core-doc. Please comment if you have any views.

Doug, if you could confirm that you are willing to join that team, and if so that you have read the various points listed in the "Requirements for Ubuntu Documentation Committers" section of this

Matthew East
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