Ubuntu Mentors for Western Oregon University

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at ubuntu.com
Sun Nov 27 22:37:53 UTC 2011

Hello All,

In an effort to support FOSS/Ubuntu in Academia Becka Morgan a Professor at
WOU has reached out to Ubuntu Oregon. She is focusing a class around
contributing to the Ubuntu Community and will need mentors to mentor the 28
students in this class there will be 14 students in each 4 week session and
students are expected to meet with a mentor once per week for the duration
(I believe there are two four week sessions since it is 28 students total)
anyways the areas I need mentors in are:

* Bug Triage

* Documentation Contributing

* Bug Fixing Processes

I will need mentors who have a strong understanding in one of the above
areas and I personally will be mentoring for Bug Triaging and Documentation
but we will need plenty more due to the volume of students.
Mentoring will be performed virtually through Skype, IM and E-mail.

If you are interested in being a mentor please fill out the following form:


I hope to have 10-20 mentors and I understand I may not find them all
within the LoCo so I will be reaching out to other LoCo's and likely
various teams to meet the quota and if you know someone please pass this
e-mail to them so I can get this important project sailing smoothly.


Benjamin Kerensa
Team Lead, Ubuntu Oregon
bkerensa at ubuntu.com
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