new Bazaar branch for Ubuntu Server Guide source files?

Nathan Stratton Treadway ubuntu.lists at
Wed Sep 22 20:18:03 UTC 2010

I was trying to take a look at the updated-for-Maverick version of the
Ubuntu Server Guide, and wasn't able to find it.

I did find the discussion from August in this list's archives mentioning
that the ubuntu-docs source package was no longer going to build the
ubuntu-serverguide binary package, and then the discussion of the idea
that the serverguide perhaps should just be removed from the ubuntu-docs
bzr branch entirely:

Then I see that commit 94 to the Maverick ubuntu-docs bzr branch
actually proceeded with the removal of the "serverguide" subdirectory

But I didn't see in either the list archives or the Bazaar changelog any
mention of where these files were moving to...

Can anyone point me to the new "home" for the source files that will be
used to generate the Maverick Ubuntu Server Guide web pages?



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