Patch for Bug #626382

Ye Myat Kaung joe.maverick.sett at
Sun Nov 21 14:09:09 UTC 2010

Hello Connor Imes,

I've now got the right project/branch and already working on it.
And I've come to know the use of 
> <ulink type='help' url='ghelp:eog'> 
to link to the corresponding help file. But the problem I'm facing is
those help files for shotwell comes in *.page extensions while most,
I've seen comes in *xml which are quite easy to link for example; 
> <ulink type='help' url='ghelp:eog#eog-fullscreen'>. 
But for shotwell, I couldn't do that as it comes in *.page files, only
> <ulink type='help' url='ghelp:shotwell'> 
works; showing the main help file and cannot #link to other section of
the help files. So, could you shed some light on how to do it?

As this is my first time working with DocBook, I may have missed a
point on how to get around that problem.

Ye Myat Kaung
(a.k.a JoeMaverickSett on

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