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Connor Imes rocket2dmn at
Sun Mar 28 19:57:03 UTC 2010

That marking has been on the page for quite some time.  The bug was
filed by a canonical employee.  Also, Brian Murray is the Ubuntu
bugmaster and clearly desires this to addressed since he triaged the
bug.  We are also past String Freeze for Lucid, so no more changes will
be made to the serverguide.
Given this, I think it is OK to proceed with modifying the page as needed.

Zach Kriesse wrote:
> No do not edit it as it's under review...the message at the top of the
> page makes that pretty clear though. 
> Zach Kriesse
> UBT Member/Master
> On Mar 28, 2010, at 2:15 PM, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at
> <mailto:jjesse at>> wrote:
>> On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 3:05 PM, Zach Kriesse
>> <zach.kleinhenz at <mailto:zach.kleinhenz at>> wrote:
>>     No....
>>     Zach Kriesse
>>     UBT Member/Master
>>     On Mar 28, 2010, at 1:50 PM, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at
>>     <mailto:jjesse at>> wrote:
>>>     Bug #546909  references the Switching To Windows Guide which has
>>>     a link to the Java page.  While the bug
>>>     (
>>>     talks about the install directions being incorrect, the more
>>>     confusing item is the Java
>>>     page:  The top of page
>>>     contains this perplexing message:
>>>     *Please do not make any edits to this article. Its contents are
>>>     currently under review and being merged with the /Ubuntu Server
>>>     Guide/. To find the Ubuntu Server Guide related to your specific
>>>     version, please go to:*
>>>     *
>>>     *
>>>     SO just trying to figure out what exactly is going on here, can
>>>     I edit this page to fix the install instructions or what?
>>>     -- 
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>>>     ubuntu-doc at <mailto:ubuntu-doc at>
>> No what?  If no it cannot be edited please explain why, a simple
>> answer does add to the conversation here.  
>> Why would a wiki page that deals with desktop software be considered
>> a part of the server guide and waiting to be merged.  Digging more
>> into the bug, due to some people using this wiki page they are having
>> some problems with java

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