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> No....
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> On Mar 28, 2010, at 1:50 PM, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at> wrote:
> Bug #546909  references the Switching To Windows Guide which has a link to
> the Java page.  While the bug (<>
> talks about the install directions being incorrect, the more confusing item
> is the Java page:  <>
>  The top of page contains this
> perplexing message:
> *Please do not make any edits to this article. Its contents are currently
> under review and being merged with the Ubuntu Server Guide. To find the
> Ubuntu Server Guide related to your specific version, please go to:*
> *
> *
> SO just trying to figure out what exactly is going on here, can I edit this
> page to fix the install instructions or what?
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No what?  If no it cannot be edited please explain why, a simple answer does
add to the conversation here.

Why would a wiki page that deals with desktop software be considered a part
of the server guide and waiting to be merged.  Digging more into the bug,
due to some people using this wiki page they are having some problems with
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