Documentation on Installing Ubuntu has inconsistencies

Rafael Wild ikapyta-ml2005 at
Mon Mar 22 18:20:50 UTC 2010


There are 3 pages about installing Ubuntu which I want to comment (in

"BurningIsoHowto" explains how to make an installation CD given an ISO 

"Installation/FromUSBStick" explains how to make an installation 
USB-Stick given an ISO image.

"Installation/FromImgFiles" explains how to make an installation 
FlashDevice given an IMG image.

Well. In the "" page, we read the following:

"If you need help burning these images to disk, see the CD Burning Guide 
or the USB Image Writing Guide."

The case is as follows:

1) If someone wants to try the netbook release, she will be presented 
with 2 options - either ISO or IMG. If she has no CD drive in her 
machine, and if she knows from somewhere that Ubuntu must be installed 
using a usb device, she will follow the link called "USB Image Writing 
Guide". But this page only discusses IMG images. And the releases for 
Ubuntu Beta 10.04 in IMG format are not for netbooks, rather for some 
special kind of development card/motherboard.

2) If she reads the guiding lines in the "releases" page, she will not 
know that ISOs can also be made into USB memory devices.

3) I'd like to make the point that english-reading but non-technical 
persons may not know that USB sticks, flash media, USB drive are the 
same thing. It could be helpful clearing these terms, and using an
uniform word.

4) Ubuntu UNR 9.10 has only ISOs, so I think it is less confusing. But 
even so there is only a reference about USB drives (very important for 
the netbook people) in the "BurningIsoHowto" page.

Thanks for your attention,


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