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Tue Jun 29 10:04:56 UTC 2010

Hi all,

At UDS we discussed how to best package documentation and the
corresponding translations for Ubuntu applications [1]. This came as a
request from the OEM team after experiencing that in customized images
they cannot always include the whole ubuntu-docs package but would still
want to include the documentation for each separate application.

After discussing it with Sebastien Bacher from the Desktop and Kyle
Nitzsche from the OEM team, we agreed that it would be best to have a
policy whereby all applications ship their own documentation. The idea
is to keep topic-based documentation (Ubuntu Docs) separate from
application-specific documentation, and thus be able to ship the
application's documentation translations in customized images with as
little modification as possible.

Right now the USB Creator documentation is part of Ubuntu Docs, and I've
talked to Evan Dandrea as the maintainer to move it from ubuntu-docs to
the application, to which he agreed.

I'm now contacting you as the maintainers of the usb-creator
documentation in ubuntu-docs. As I said, we'd like to move the
documentation to the application source package. At the technical level,
this is just a matter of:

     1. Moving the original xml sources to usb-creator.
     2. Adding an additional document page or section with the license
        and the copyright from the Ubuntu Documentation Project
     3. Moving the current usb-creator translations (PO files) to the
        usb-creator sources
     4. Integrate translations into the build system of usb-creator with
     5. Disabling the translation template for usb-creator under the
        ubuntu-docs source package in Launchpad
     6. Enabling the translation template for usb-creator under the
        usb-creator source package in Launchpad.

I've mostly figured out how to perform these steps. Please feel free to
add your comments or questions, especially if I've forgotten any step.

Especially I'd like to hear if you've got any advice on 2. (adding the
license and the copyright notice), as that's the one I haven't quite
figured out.

Thanks a lot.




David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator / /
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