doctemplate auto-generates localized omf files for docbook and html installation

Kyle Nitzsche kyle.nitzsche at
Fri Feb 19 22:46:03 UTC 2010


The doctemplate project ( now 
automatically creates localized OMF files for localized docbook and 
html, if you want them.

This means you can easily install localized docbook for display in yelp. 
(This is added with doctemplate version 1.3-0ubuntu0ppa21.)

To install doctemplate:
 * add this ppa to your Software Sources:**ppa:doctemplate-team/ppa**
 * install the 'doctemplate' package: sudo apt-get install doctemplate

Create an article project in a new directory with: doctemplate_setup_article

An OMF file needs a few fields filled in, so you simply edit a few 
fields in the 'environment' file (things like title, creator and date), 
then run "./make_C-OMF". This creates the "C" locale omf template file.

Then, when you build your localized docbook (from your 'single source') 
with './make_docbook' (or './make_html'), the following are created:
 * build/xml-omf/
 * which contains omf files for your localized docbook (one for each 
code in the project's LINGUAS file)
 * build/html-omf/
 * which contains omf files for your localized html (one for each code 
in the project's LINGUAS file)

 * the seriesid is autogenerated by the './make_C-OMF' command.
  * you can turn OMF file generation on and off for xml and html by 
editing two variables in the 'environment' file. HTML omf file 
generation is off by default.


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