Ubuntu Help Center and Mallard items

Kyle Nitzsche kyle.nitzsche at canonical.com
Thu Feb 4 14:11:14 UTC 2010

Phil Bull wrote:
> Hi Kyle,
> On Mon, 2010-02-01 at 15:38 -0500, Kyle Nitzsche wrote:
>> Customization:
>>  * Look towards decoupling monolithic help content into sub packages to 
>> facilitate customization for Ubuntu variants
> Just to pick up on this: How do you see the help packages being
> split-up, and how would that facilitate customisation? I'm thinking that
> variants would end up making changes to most topics, so would have to
> patch most packages anyway.
There are lots of ways this could be done, but I'd propose starting with 
separately packaging two topics:
 * New To Ubuntu (because this is a prime opportunity for customization 
for a particular Ubuntu Variant/OEM client project to include welcome 
messages and points of particular interest since it can be displayed at 
first boot. The ability to do this without forking ubuntu-docs would be 
 * Ubuntu One client content Matt G has just mentioned (because some 
Ubuntu variants/OEM projects may not expose Ubuntu Help Center since the 
UI is somewhat different, but the Ubuntu One client will probably still 
be installed, so a way to provide this help content without undue 
difficulty would be great.)

> Thanks,
> Phil

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