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Hi Matthew

I'm sorry I don't know much about this issue, so I have more questions
than answers here.

Matthew East wrote on 22/09/09 09:00:
> I'd like to propose that the help for software-store be maintained by
> the documentation team in the ubuntu-docs package.
> The rationale for the change is as follows:
> 1. Translations of help can only be done by manually importing
> translated po files from Launchpad and generating xml from them. That
> exercise is carried out routinely for the ubuntu-docs package each
> release, but doesn't tend to be done much for other packages which
> contain help (with some notable exceptions). By way of example, the
> manual for "Add/Remove..." has one translation (Swedish) whereas the
> "Add/Remove Applications" document in the ubuntu-docs package has a
> *lot* -
> I don't think the help for software-store is currently translatable
> (correct me if I'm wrong) and I'd like to see that change.

How long has translation of help files outside of ubuntu-docs been a

What is the plan for automating the po-to-XML process so that it can be
used consistently across other packages?

If there is no plan for this, is it the position of the Ubuntu
Documentation Team that the help pages for every application in Ubuntu
should be part of the ubuntu-docs package?

> 2. The ubuntu-doc team is a good team to maintain documentation and
> it's difficult to do so for separate packages as we would need to keep
> track of the various documents that exist and maintain separate
> branches for contributing to them. Having separate help is a good idea
> for upstream projects but as far as I can see, software-store is only
> for Ubuntu so it makes sense for the ubuntu-doc team to maintain its
> documentation. We do this for jockey, and will soon be doing it for
> usb-creator.

If the Ubuntu Software Store help was part of ubuntu-docs, and someone
uninstalled the Store and installed Add/Remove instead, would the
visible help pages change to reflect this? If so, how would that work?

If someone was developing a branch that changed the interface of the
Store, so they needed to update the help to match, how would they do
this? Would they need two separate branches, one for software-store and
one for ubuntu-docs? If so, would Michael Vogt have write access to the
ubuntu-docs trunk, so that he could land the two branches simultaneously?

Does Debian use the ubuntu-docs package at all? If Debian adopted the
Software Store for their own repositories, would the help pages need to
move back inside the Store codebase?

> One point that would need addressing is the license. Currently it's
> GNU/FDL, and it should ideally move to cc-by-sa 3.0 which is the
> ubuntu-doc team's preferred license, and the license of the
> ubuntu-docs package. It's also the Ubuntu project's preferred license
> for non-code. That would require the consent of the three individuals
> who have contributed to the document, if existing content is to be
> merged with the ubuntu-docs package.

Weird, I didn't know the Store help was licensed under the FDL. It
should be using the GPLv3 instead, same as the rest of the code --
because it is quite likely in future versions that some of the help will
be embedded in the code, and vice versa. This wouldn't be possible with
the CC-BY-SA either, as far as I know.

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