Upcoming UI changes for UNR

Dougie Richardson dougierichardson at ubuntu.com
Sat Sep 12 08:19:54 UTC 2009

Hi again, cat jumped on keys.

We don't use screenshots in the docs but thanks for notifying us, we
have a UNR trunk but its not ready for release mainly as I'm waiting
foor confirmation of how we're going to proceed with detecting which
interface is running.

While we're on UNR, if anyone on the team is interested then let me
know, the Network and Internet section is complete but the rest is
just a skeleton trunk.

2009/9/11 Loïc Minier <loic.minier at ubuntu.com>:
>        Hey folks
>  We're pondering the addition of gnome-web-photo to the UNR seed; this
>  would change the appearance of the web favorites in UNR: it would add
>  screenshots of the website added as favorites.
>  I wanted to give the doc team a heads up on this in case they started
>  doing UNR screenshots already.
>  Discussion about inclusion is in 425464; MIR bug is in 427833.
>   Thanks!
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> Loïc Minier
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