Installing Ubuntu - confidently - on a separate HD

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Thu Oct 29 23:46:19 UTC 2009

Hi Peter,

> So my question is: Did I unwittingly abort a simple, legitimate,
> automatic install process that would have preserved my existing XP
> setup on C:, installed Ubuntu wherever I subsequently instructed it
> to, and set up Grub for dual boot, or did I interrupt a potentially
> disastrous overwrite of my existing XP installation on C:?

Before I can exactly answer your question, I need to know...

1. Did you burn Ubuntu LiveCD?

2. If yes, have you booted the LiveCD until this menu?

3. Then, which menu option did you choose?

Please tell us your detailed procedure so we can track at which part you did
that may overwrite your existing XP installation on C:

In case you haven't found any detail documentation or instruction on booting
and installing Ubuntu using LiveCD,
Please view

You can also view the detail instruction on how to do the dual boot

or you can view the screencast on how to do the installation it in details.
Preserving your Windows partition.

Best Wishes,

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