Freeze exception request for ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu - Need feedback

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Tue Oct 13 20:39:26 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 20:39 +0300, Thanos Lefteris wrote:
> 1) The ubuntu one template in trunk translations is named "ubuntuone.html"
> 2) I started translating the source package, then discovered that
> there is a trunk version as well (why is that, the slideshow is ubuntu
> specific, ). Then strings kept changing for the last few days. I
> total, I've had it with trying to keep this package translated :(

I'm sorry about how translations have worked for this package. When it
branches for Lucid, I intend to rewire the current approach by making
the base strings very simple and, therefore, static! (Perhaps as simple
as "evolution-introduction", for example). Then, the effort of coming up
with what to say lands in the translator's court (where the en strings
are recommended as a source, but not forced). It could play out fairly
well. Less destructively, at least.

For now, I acted on what I said I would do. I couldn't find a way to do
it automatically, so I armed myself with the useful rpl command and
manually converted all instances of the old msgid strings to the new
ones![1] As a result, all the old strings are back in. It could do with
a double check to see what really needs to be translated again. (I only
speak English and a bit of French, so I can't do that myself).

The Empathy slide was an exception, because I feel that one has changed
for good reason. (Before, it was simply the Pidgin slide with less
content). Staring at a solution to this with the impending doom of final
freeze[2] :)

Dylan McCall

[1] I was also very grateful to have sloppy focus on my window manager.
(Where you don't need to click to select a window).

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