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Matthew East mdke at
Tue Oct 13 17:31:44 UTC 2009

Hi David,

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 6:32 PM, David Siegel <david.siegel at> wrote:
> Hi docs team!
> With,
> downloaded files now go to a "Downloads" folder within the user's home
> folder, with a bookmark for "Downloads" in the Places menu and the
> Nautilus Places sidebar. I was unable to find existing documentation
> for working with downloaded files, but this change may warrant
> documentation. Perhaps it could be added to documentation explaining
> the default XDG user directories for pictures, videos, documents, etc.
> if it exists?

Unfortunately it is way too late in the cycle to add documentation -
our string freeze passed on 1 October and final freeze for karmic is
only two days away. This is definitely something that we should look
into for the next release cycle - if you'd like to file a bug so that
we can track the issue, that would be great.

Incidentally, I see that your email was dated 9 October but was only
delivered to my email today - did others get it earlier? If it's not
just my email address, I'll look into this as Canonical email
addresses should be whitelisted for posting to this list.

Matthew East
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