Freeze exception request for ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu - Need feedback

Alan Pope alan at
Tue Oct 13 14:21:31 UTC 2009

Hi Dylan,

2009/10/8 Dylan McCall <dylanmccall at>:
> As mentioned in the bug report, there is a copy of the proposed new
> slideshow ready on the web, so you can take a look:
> <>
> I intend for this to be the absolute last push to the base strings to
> Karmic (where any other fixes will be within the "en" localization).
> Please let any concerns about the new stuff be known :)

The "icalshare" link jumps out at me on the evolution page. None of
the other pages have links other than to Ubuntu hosted sites. Why are
we choosing to link to that specific non-ubuntu site?

I don't like the idea of the installer linking directly to externally
hosted sites out of our control. If it was linked to an ubuntu hosted
site which jumped off to a 3rd party site, fine, we can control that,
but once the CD is burned it's kinda set in stone until the next burn.


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