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My name is Matthew. On IRC and in forums i go by the nickname: stlsaint.
I have been a user of ubuntu for about six months now and i am loving everyday of it.
I am a big supporter of the community and helping new users get acquainted to using ubuntu as someone else did it for me. I have just recently picked up wiki writing and i enjoy its uses. I can't express enough how big i am for the community and the wiki documentation is a intricate part of the support for community as it is a major part of people coming to ubuntu. I refer to wiki's everyday just for reference an research. I am currently active in all other forms of support from spreading ubuntu disk locally where i live in texas, to forums to irc. I feel that its only right to move to the next level and support the community through writing. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to learn and grow with ubuntu and support more users. 


God Bless 

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