Mentoring for doc team members

Robert Strickland stricko76 at
Fri Oct 9 12:02:29 UTC 2009

Hi all
I have recently joined the Ubuntu docs team and would like some help
regarding my submissions. Obviously I would like to provide high quality
documentation for Ubuntu users.
I read on the mailing list the other day that there will be some Ubuntu docs
sessions at UDS. I am writing to ask if these sessions will be available as
a podcast or video download?. I think these sessions would be valuable for
new contributors like myself. I would also like some mentoring regarding
writing style for Ubuntu docs.

I have looked through the docs wiki pages. There seems to be a lot of them!.
How about a downloadable .odf or .pdf containing all the important bits.
This would help new contributors get started.

Just a thought

Robert Strickland
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