Icon theme changes and UNR changes for final

Loïc Minier loic.minier at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 5 18:01:56 UTC 2009

        Hi all,

 I'm sorry to have to bring these bad news so late, but we're
 considering an update to the icon theme of Ubuntu Desktop and UNR as
 well as the following changes for UNR:
 - adding Software Center to default Favourites; LP #443303
 - dropping desktop-switcher; LP #443298

 The icon theme changes are updates to the humanity-icon-theme package.
 Ubuntu Desktop will get slightly darker notification area icons (as to
 allow them to be more readable) while UNR will get a Humanity-Dark
 theme for the same reason (but with lighter icons).  There are some
 other icon updates as to adapt various icons to the new b&w
 notification area concept and fixing various small glitches.

 Let me know if you have any question about these changes.

 We don't plan any other large changes apart of these; perhaps some
 icon updates in the case where these changes break some things.  Note
 that these changes are still pending release team approval/exception.

   Thanks for your work and sorry for the late bad news,
Loïc Minier

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