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> On Nov 29, 2009, at 3:56 AM, Nitesh Mistry <mistrynitesh at> wrote:
> I have made these changes in my local branch and want to submit them. As
> mentioned in the /Checking page, I tried to validate the file using the
> script by giving following command from the top level of the
> branch:
> $ scripts/ docs/about/c/about.xml
> But it gives the following error:
> bash: scripts/ /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
> Do you have rx permission for /bin/sh?


> Also tried $ scripts/ about/c/about.xml (ie. without the docs/
> word, still the same error)
> Then tried $ sudo scripts/ about/c/about.xml
> But it gave the following error:
> sudo: unable to execute scripts/ Permission denied
> I have confirmed that I own the directory and is an executable
> file.
> You can explicitly declare your shell via:
> $ bash scripts/ .....
> Or
> $ sh scripts/ .....
> This overrides the she-bang and will invoke the first executable found in
> ur path with the given name of the shell. However if this workaround
> validates then you have some serious underlying issues with your system.

I do have serious underlying issues with my system. How do I understand and
rectify the problem?


Version: 3.12
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