Change to log off/shutdown workflow

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Wed Mar 4 23:03:01 UTC 2009

Matthew East wrote:
> Hi,
> In current Jaunty, there is no "Log Out..." or "Shut Down" button in
> the System menu. Instead, the user has to use the red "Power" button
> against their name in the top panel. If the applet is removed, either
> intentionally or accidentally, the options appear again in the System
> menu.
> We will have to update the documentation to reflect this. There are
> various places where this appears, I think. I think it will need to
> say something like this:
> "To log out, click the red power button in the top panel, and choose
> "Log out". If you do not have the red power button for some reason,
> choose "System" -> "Log Out...".
> I'm not sure whether it is necessary to document the second option,
> but people do tend to remove panel applets by accident sometimes, so
> it may be worth it. What do others think?
> This also affects the Gnome documents, unfortunately, so as a result
> of this choice by the developers we will have to introduce a further
> delta between Ubuntu's Gnome documents and Gnome's versions of the
> documents.
> Would anyone like to have a go at identifying all the places where this appears?
I added a couple of entities, for the menu options, on one of the logout 
bugs recently. I'd be happy to trawl the docs and amend where necessary.



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