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> Dougie Richardson wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > 2009/6/17 mac_v
> >> Why are they checking google? since the documentation is not very
> >> hepful. Rather than saying someone else is doing our job well, I think
> >> we need to Be better at helping the user rather than google....
> >>
> >
> > OK I'm going to disengage from this discussion now because I feel no
> > need to have several years worth of my time that could have been spent
> > with my family described as "not very helpful" and "needs to be done
> > better".  I'm open to suggestion and constructive criticism but I've
> > no intention to engage in insults.
> >
> > I wish you all the best in your endeavours but I think its bad taste
> > to tell a group its work is not good enough while not proffering any
> > constructive criticism as to why.
> >
> woh... Dougie, *I did not and do not intend to insult your work* , or
> the documentation team's work. nor do i minuscule it.
> It is a very well written content, which an a tech enthusast would
> totally understand and is very helpful...
> I only *felt* that things could have more eye candy, more UI even in the
> documentation. Which would draw the attention of the non-techies...
> In my experience with whom i have introduced Ubuntu to, they didnt not
> spend much time reading the documentation, by just saying i dont want to
> read so much...
> Hence i felt maybe an attractive UI could make them read more...
> Maybe in my enthusiasm to give constructive criticism, my intent hadnt
> translated well...
> If what i was commenting in anyway offended anyone ,I'm really sorry...
> :( It was not my intent.
> Pls accept my sincere apology, since i know that this is a community
> effort which no one does for personal gains...
> Cheers,
> mac_v
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i know telling tone of voice is next to imposible over text, whether that be
over IRC, IM, or email.  As the doc team we have provided
help.ubuntu.comwith the same docs as the docs installed within Ubuntu.
 Some of us are also
working on doing the same for kubuntu.  searching google will often bring in
results on either or which is the
community docs.

i am going to make a generatlization here that might speak to some peoples
feelings, it seems this slideshow is yet another product being created that
duplicates a lot of effort of the documentation team without asking the
documentation team for input before there is code out there.  this leads to
a sense of frustration and a feeling that others view the doc team as not as
important and then we start making comments about how it makes them feel
like they have wasted thier time.

i htink Phil was correct when he stated we need to step back and look at the
purpose of this slide show.

Is it::
1.  An overview of Ubuntu played when the system is installed?


2.  A replacement for the current system documentation?

If it is #1 then it should be very simple, like what already
displays, but put into Ubuntu and something similar for Xubuntu, Kubuntu,
and Edubuntu
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