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Wed Jun 17 18:27:46 UTC 2009

> The current 'last' slide before it loops to the beginning (called
"documentation") will do this in the real thing, triggered only when
installation is completely finished. For the time being, it's not so
clever. Do you think it has the right stuff?

In answering, "Do you think it has the right stuff?", I've put some time and
love into creating a mockup of how the slide might appear.  I am unsure,
however, how to share it now with you.  It is in two parts: a) a jpeg -
which is the mockup itself, and b) a written description of what I've done,
and my thinking behind it.

Considering the comments made by *Jim Campbell *in this thread, I was also
wondering where the ideal place for me to share these to items would be --
and what is the wiki to which Jim is referring?

In my enthusiam (and confusion) I've just opened an account on Launchpad,
and even opened a blueprint:

... but, still being a bit of a noob, I'm confused how I would upload the
jpeg and the written description (or even if Launchpad is the right place
for which to do this.)

Any help in pointing out how to best share this idea, this mockup of mine,
would be greatly appreciated.

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