Ubiquity Slideshow for Ubuntu

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 15:57:55 UTC 2009

Wow, Andrew! (Aaagh too many Andrews. Even my contacts list is getting confused)
You read my mind :) That's exactly what I was thinking for the
Evolution and Firefox slides. I watched it and didn't miss a thing.

The shorter text should make translation and large font support easier
and everything! Yay!

#controls stuff gave me a sudden "Duh!" moment, thankfully before it
was too late. Here I was looking up elusive webkit documentation for
crazy Javascript stuff when we can just pass the necessary commands
through there and not think any further :)

The game idea is a cute one, but maybe we could just point people to
the awesome Applications -> Games menu instead. (Those games will be
all cooler in Karmic with fancy new graphics stuff, by the way).
Right now the web browser is a horribly monotonous way to kick things off.

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