The Signpost and the HUC front page

Andrew Sayers at
Sat Jul 25 13:13:10 UTC 2009

Hi Matthew,

I've updated the pages based on your feedback.  Let me know what you think.

I've tried to line the first two questions up with the "support" and 
"development" signs.  The current signpost image is something I put 
together myself, and I'm not that fond of it.  If we agree on the 
signpost staying on the front page, and keeping a signpost graphic, I'll 
go and see if the art team would be interested in making a proper sign.

The bottom three questions are designed to let people browse the 
signpost like a FAQ if they want to.  We chose three separate pages 
because we felt they represented the three types of things that people 
would want to browse for.  I've shunted those options from the front 
page to the "none of the above" answer, where they will be visible to 
people that click on any "none of the above" link.

The signpost is currently dominated by content that was previously part 
of the front page, because I've added a lot of content that would be 
removed from the front page if the signpost went on there.  In the 
long-run, the idea is to point people at any Ubuntu resource, based on 
questions from [[Signpost/PageDiscussion]], and from the 
#ubuntu-signpost IRC channel.  I'm personally not that comfortable 
putting actual help into the signpost, partially because of the 
duplicative issue you talked about.

The signpost is part of an evolving concept of a "Flowq" - a combination 
of a flowchart and a FAQ, based on real-world data:

You could see this as an evidence-based attempt to answer the question 
"how can we make it easier for users landing on our pages to figure out 
where to go next?".  I'd personally prefer to let the signpost gather 
evidence for a few months before trying to impose any greater structure.

	- Andrew

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