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Evan R. Murphy evanrmurphy at
Wed Jul 22 17:40:41 UTC 2009

See my reply below.

2009/7/22 Augustina Blair <missaugustina at>:
> Hi Evan,
> I'm a member of the Ubuntu Doc team and am working on editing the
> Packaging Guide. I was told that you are currently working on the same.
> I have started on the Introductory sections and the Basic Packaging
> section and have proposed a reorganization of the content.  Where are
> you at with your efforts? Should we divide up the document so we don't
> overlap?
> A little about my background: I've been a web/tools developer for the
> past 10 years. Regarding this project, I did a job rotation once in
> Release Engineering, so I'm familiar with software packaging, although
> I've never done it in Ubuntu. Currently I'm working on my Technical
> Writing Certification. I am making a career transition to Programmer
> Writing. I hope to do developer documentation. I've been working with
> the Ubuntu Documentation Project to gain experience as a writer, and I
> had started on the Packaging Guide because it's a more advanced piece of
> documentation, more in line with the type of writing I want to be doing
> for a living.
> I have an initial outline of what I've proposed for the Complete
> Packaging Guide reorganization. Like I said before, I'm currently
> focusing on the Basic area and the Intro so I haven't really touched the
> other sections, other than moving some of the Basic sections into the
> Advanced section.
> Augustina

Hi Augustina,

(I'm including the ubuntu-doc ML on this reply, so you know.)

I did make many edits to PackagingGuide, but they were mostly cosmetic
(rewording passages, unifying the style, etc.). More recently, I have
become busy with other projects, and my attention has been diverted
from this documentation. Consequently, though I appreciate your
invitation to coordinate our efforts on the matter, I would probably
not be a very attentive writing partner, at least right now.

You sound quite experienced and qualified for this sort of work. My
suggestion would be to proceed with your plans for editing
PackagingGuide. If others object to your revisions, they may revert
your changes or further discuss them with you then (the beauty of
wikis :). Alternatively, someone else with interest will see this
thread and speak up about wanting to coordinate with you.

Thanks for your interest, and good luck!

Evan R. Murphy

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