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Tue Jul 21 23:33:32 UTC 2009

Hi Augustina,

2009/7/21 Augustina Blair <missaugustina at>:
> Documentation I've used, even for Ubuntu related things, uses the following
> convention:
> <username>

That's what I want to avoid as a new user might enter their username
enclosed in brackets.

> I agree that backticks are ineffective. The key thing is to use something
> consistent for all variables that can't be confused with something you would
> enter on the command line. If a change is made to USERNAME then a change
> should also be made to all other command line variables using a similar all
> caps designation.

Not necessarily, as not all variables are consistant - in this case
the $USER variable is set so it would be appropriate and would permit
copying and pasting.

Also, the <> can be used on the command line, bzr uses them to
identify email addresses for example, not to mention as redirection
and inequalities.


Dougie Richardson
dougierichardson at

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