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Alex Lourie at
Mon Jul 20 12:00:43 UTC 2009

Hello Everyone
My name is Alex Lourie and I'm new subscriber to this list, and hopefully a
new contributor in the nearest possible

My history with Linux is quite a long one (I guess). I began using Red Hat
5.0/5.2 on my i386 Pentium box. I've since tried all sorts of distributions
and OSes, such as FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, RedHat, Mandrake/Mandriva, SuSe,
Debian and some others. Few years ago, I began using Gentoo for all my
systems (when Gentoo and its community were in their prime), and I even
became a Gentoo User Representative (with the purpose of mediating between
users and developers). I even came to FOSDEM 2007 and joined Gentoo Team for
their tracks.

At a time, I was writing a blog semi-constantly, and was getting my posts
published on Linux Today (which may not tell a lot ...).

For last 1.5 years I moved to Ubuntu, as I miss the "community" perspective
of things. I also want to join the Ubuntu as a more contributing member, so
I would like to start with documentation, as it is the only thing that I can
currently do with my spare time.

I am a system engineer for the last 8 years, I used to design and manage all
sorts of environments, including Unix/Windows networks, storage systems,
hardware monitoring, code management and other. Currently I work for
Comverse, Inc, the largest provider of telephony voice mail systems in the
world as an integration engineer, splitting my time between creating
bash/perl automatic installation scripts, between writing the documentation
for our products and between providing support for other company

I fluent in understanding English, Russian and Hebrew languages, and sort of
fluent in writing in them :-). As the direct result of my technical
background, I would be strongly interesting in contributing to system
documentation for Ubuntu. I would also be glad to provide proofreading for
other documentation.

I hope to be helpful to Ubuntu,
Best wishes to you all

Alex Lourie.
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