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Shane Fagan shanepatrickfagan at
Sun Jul 19 22:10:09 UTC 2009

I have to say the <video> tag could be quite useful but what about
people who try to look at the videos in Windows Internet Explorer? Like
we would have to think about how to deal with that.


On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 16:58 -0500, at wrote:
> Have you guys ever considered trying to implement the Wordpress Video
> Solution Framework?:
> It powers and all of the videos that
> are uploaded.  If you don't want to use Wordpress, I think the code
> can be adapted, and it's open-source.  The output is still Flash, but
> at least it's somewhat pre-built
> Alternatively it would be nice if the videos utilized Theora ogv and
> the <video> tag in the new Firefox, but I'm not sure how feasible that
> is for you either.  Anyway, I think updated screencasts are a
> fantastic idea.  It would be great to link to such a resource to help
> show people how great and easy it is to get started with Ubuntu.  I'd
> love to contribute a few screencasts if you guys get things going
> again.  I wish I had more time to dedicate to helping you get set up,
> but school is incredibly busy for me now.
> Cheers,
> J
> On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 10:15 AM, Alan Pope <alan at> wrote:
>         2009/7/19 Phil Bull <philbull at>:
>         > However, I don't know what's going on with the screencasts
>         team at the
>         > moment. Does anyone on this list know?
>         >
>         That would be me. Currently the state of the screencast team
>         is thus:-
>         Lots of screencasts made in 2007, some created for the Ubuntu
>         UK
>         Podcast we published in 2008, nothing new created since then.
>         The site used to be drupal based, and I'd upload multiple
>         different
>         versions to the site (hosted by Canonical), however this was
>         incredibly time consuming and inefficient, so I looked at just
>         uploading videos once to and let them deal with the
>         hosting.
>         The nasty flash blob that's on the site at the moment is
>         basically the
> embedded player. The videos do still get watched quite
>         regularly, so there's certainly a need for them.
>         More recently I had a discussion with Emma Jane Hogbin about
>         re-creating the site again in a more up to date drupal setup
>         but this
>         still has the issue that the videos need to be
>         processed/hosted
>         somewhere.
>         As I've done nothing with/for the team in some time, perhaps
>         it's time
>         for someone else to take it on? I'm happy to hand it over to
>         someone
>         else, or continue with it if I can get some help with design
>         and
>         direction. I'm preparing to create a bunch more screencasts
>         but not
>         sure when they will be ready.
>         Suggestions welcome.
>         Al.
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