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Marco Sebastiani marco.sebastiani at
Fri Jul 17 16:12:00 UTC 2009

I'm a communication expert (I work in a marketing - public relation depart
of a big IT company)
and RH certified system admin,

I'd like to share two ideas on your screencast tutorials:
great work! can be a real winning idea to promote and help linux, but also a
way to increase myth and bad concepts about it.

1. I've seen your tutorial with a noobs audit, really, and I think are a
little on the technical side.
I mean: noobs who have seen them, were terrified by that technicality.
For example: closed file format= less freedom, open drivers is a way to
freedom, mmmhhh I understand that but....
they say: "ok ok, stop, linux is something for geeks that care about that
supertechnical stuff, why me?"

2. that videos lacks a little in human feeling, are a little on the boring
side (I'm really not bashing your great work only a suggest!)

with another audit of noobs I've seen video tutorials by Nixie Pixel,
in particular
and even
and they say: "wow Linux is smart! give me a try" really.

Her videos are home made, ok, but similar to the feeling of Apple ads "Hallo
I'm a mac", they could encourages the identification of the audit! (Windows
is boring, Mac is cool => WIn is boring, Mac is for idiots, Linux is smart)

1. I'm not his brother ;-) but why don't you  try to involve her in your
work, I have tried to contact her too; to suggest to contribute to your
project. I think she would a great testimonial.

2. try to do your tutorials as easy, cool and smart as possible, they are
not for advanced users.... and have to encourage your audience!

I hope sharing ideas is appreciate in your team,
sorry for my bad English,
best regards,
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