Categories and SubPages as it pertains to the Wiki Playbook

Andrew Sayers at
Thu Jul 16 07:46:47 UTC 2009

A strong hierarchy strikes me as a good solution when you have a small 
number of committed editors, but creates more bureaucracy than the crowd 
of community wiki editors will put up with.  Also, the "rename" function 
is disabled for most users, which makes it difficult to rearrange pages 
if the original author put them in the wrong place.

I would prefer Yann's suggestion about tags.  I haven't really tried out 
the <<FullSearch()>> macro used by the category system, but I would 
expect that putting "CategoryApplicationsMultimedia;" on the RhythmBox 
page would let you create a hierarchy separately from the main content.

The trailing ";" in "CategoryApplicationsMultimedia;" isn't a typo, it's 
a way of searching for categories without pulling in subcategories. 
Consider these sections:

= Category Applications =


= Category Multimedia =


In each case, subcategories aren't pulled in, because they don't match 
the pattern.  I suggest ";" because it makes it more natural to join 
categories together:


You might prefer ":" to resemble $PATH, or "Stop" if you prefer 
something in English.

Incidentally, is the playbook still at this address:

And if so, can you make it readable without having to create/sign in to 
a Google account?

	- Andrew

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