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Wed Jan 21 05:11:42 UTC 2009

Hi - 

New to the list.  Appreciate any suggestions or advice.

I would be interested in working on the Rhythmbox docs as mentioned in this post:

> It would be great if a couple of people could start work on updating the
> Rhythmbox manual. Here's an outline of what needs to be done:
>      1. Check with the Rhythmbox developers that no-one else is working
>         on the manual.
>      2. Review the manual for errors and omissions using a current
>         version of GNOME. Check *all* instructions in the current
>         manual. Briefly document the errors, where they are found and
>         how they should be corrected.
>      3. Publish the list of errors on this mailing list, so we can
>         discuss them before any changes are made.
>      4. Download the Rhythmbox module from GNOME SVN.
>      5. Make changes to the Rhythmbox docs and test them.
>      6. Submit a patch to us for review.
> Thanks,
> Phil

[Can't figure out how to reply to an earlier message in archive.  Sigh - much to learn]

- dormouse
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