Getting Started Guide - Looking for Feedback/QA

Avi Hein avihein at
Mon Feb 16 21:31:58 UTC 2009

I've written a (DRAFT) getting started user manual to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid
Ibex. It's intended to be a user guide for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
users who are new to Linux and Ubuntu, fulfilling the goal of Ubuntu as a
desktop OS. As such, I've completely avoided the terminal and only provided
GUI instructions for user tasks.

This is in DRAFT form (hence the restricted license, I will release the
final version with an open license) and I am looking for your feedback,
suggestions, and corrections (particularly technical, but also style) and QA
on this document. I'm an entry-level technical writer, so this should be at
least as "good" as a commercial user guide (documentation being one of the
biggest weakness in much open source software).

It's available for 30 days via MediaFire at
the earlier your corrections, suggestions, and QA the better (I plan
having it in final format by next Monday). Please let me know (at
avihein at your thoughts, suggestions, etc.

Thank you,

Avi Hein
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