[Fwd: documenting how to get source code in ubuntu-doc]

Kyle Nitzsche kyle.nitzsche at canonical.com
Wed Dec 23 15:11:21 UTC 2009

Hi folks:

Happy Holidays!

And, please let me know about this proposal/draft for adding content 
that covers how to obtain source code when you get a chance.

I expect to amend the content to include content about obtaining the 
source iso image for various release/remixes as well.

thank you,

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Subject: 	documenting how to get source code in ubuntu-doc
Date: 	Wed, 16 Dec 2009 15:29:28 -0500
From: 	Kyle Nitzsche <kyle.nitzsche at canonical.com>
To: 	Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com>, Ubuntu Doc 
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I am putting together a modification of ubuntu-docs that will explain a 
bit more about how to get source code.  While not applicable to 
some/most users, it is probably important to include it as an aspect of 
Ubuntu's commitment to open source. (At any rate, we in the OEM group 
would very much like to add it.)

So, the proposal is to make the entry point into the info easy to find, 
but in a way that doesn't burden disinterested users, while separating 
out the explanatory detail:

 * In System > About Ubuntu, there are four bullets, the last of which 
covers Ubuntu's commitment to open source. I'd like to add some text and 
a link there to "Get the Source Code."

 * That link takes user  to Advanced Topics > Get the Source Code (new). 
This has a few short sections, such as The Open Source Requirement, 
Source Code and Packages, What is the Package name? and Getting the  

I have attached the two modified xml files so you can get a better idea 
what I am talking about.

If this approach is suitable, please let me know, and I'll follow-up 
with a proper submission. Else, comments/guidance appreciated.

Note: I added the Get the Source Code section as a <sect1> to Advanced 
Topics, even though it has no other content other than an 
<itemizedlist>.  This creates the oddity that Advanced Topics has four 
bullets (the itemized list) *followed* by a TOC of sect1s, with only a 
single sect1 (my new one). This could be fixed in various ways, perhaps 
by simply creating a *new* "Get the Source Code" file and etc. Please 


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