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Marc Kaplan mk at
Sat Aug 15 17:37:52 UTC 2009

Only have time for a quick reply...I see the categories to be used by
users, and just like tags, articles can be in multiple categories...

On 8/15/09, Phil Bull <philbull at> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> On Sun, 2009-08-09 at 14:56 -0400, Marc Kaplan wrote:
>> I finished my first pass of the Community Wiki to break it into what
>> we eventually would like to call "Categories".  This is a first pass
>> and definitely subject to change.  It can be found at the start of
>> draft of the Wiki Playbook through Google Docs.
>> I decided that before I put the spec up, I want establish the
>> different sections first.  I would welcome
>> comments/suggestions/criticisms.
> What are the categories going to be used for? Are they to help us manage
> the wiki or are they intended for use by users?
> If it's for us, then I think that there are too many categories. With a
> small set of simple categories, people (editors) will be more likely to
> choose the right one because they won't have to wade through a long
> list. If a given category is only going to have ~5 pages in it then we
> should just merge it with another category.
> Also, some categories might be ambiguous. For example, if I have an
> external hard disk, does that go under "hard drives" or "removable
> storage", or both?
> If it's for users, then I'd be interested to see whether the proposed
> categorisation scheme matches up with users' expectations. I'm worried
> that we might be grouping things in a way which seems logical to us, but
> doesn't match how actual users look for information. This is a *perfect*
> candidate for a card-sorting exercise [1]!
> Thanks for working on this, I'm looking forward to having a much more
> manageable wiki!
> Thanks,
> Phil
> [1] -
> --
> Phil Bull

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