Strange string in update-manager package

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Wed Aug 5 15:04:51 UTC 2009

El dc 05 de 08 de 2009 a les 14:14 +0200, en/na Milo Casagrande va
> Hi,
> today one of our translators pointed us to a rather strange string in
> update-manager for the Karmic release.
> The string in the actual template is number 99, you can find it here:
> I'll quote it here:
> "Your system uses an ARM CPU that is older than the ARMv6
> architecture. All packages in karmic were build with, optimizations
> requiring ARMv6 as the minimal architecture, i can not upgrade your
> system to karmic on your hardware."
> The second sentence is not very clear. I don't know if this string is
> supposed to stay here even in he final release, if it is, is it
> possible to review it? Is that coma after "with" intended? IMHO, even
> the "i can not upgrade" is not very "professional".

I agree, and I'd suggest to report it as a bug against update-manager

If someone would like to fix it providing a better string, its location
in the code is here [2], so either creating a bzr branch with the fix,
linking it to the bug and requesting a merge or submitting a patch would
be great.



David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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