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Sat Apr 25 13:21:11 UTC 2009

Hi Nathan,

Sorry I posted my last message as this one was received.

2009/4/25 Nathan Handler <nhandler at>:
> I would not assume that the user had seen/read that wiki page. The
> great thing about this pdf is that people can pass it out at LoCo
> meetings or stuff it in a drawer until needed. I am willing to bet
> that a large number of the users who end up printing this PDF will not
> have read/seen the wiki page that it was downloaded from.

OK that's a fair point so I'll draft something for inclusion.

> You do not need to change it to bzr diff. I would briefly explain both
> the diff and bundle, since both are mentioned at [1].

I think we should pick one method, there have been a lot of
suggestions that our processes are confusing. I favour the diff but
that's how we worked using svn (if you see what I mean) so there may
be reasons to promote bundle that outweigh this.

> The --fixes flag is explained at [2]. From my understanding, it has
> the same effect as the +linkbug page for a bzr branch. It simply links
> the branch to the bug report. This is also an easy way to track what
> bugs we fix during a certain release (which would make it easier to
> prepare the changelog entry). Last time I checked, I do not believe
> that it changed the status to Fix Commited. However, this might have
> changed.

I'm really not sure from reading those pages, so I've cc'd Emma as the
resident BZR guru.


Dougie Richardson
dougierichardson at

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