Playbook One

Matthew East mdke at
Sat Apr 25 00:15:19 UTC 2009

Looks nice and clear.

I agree with the comments that I've seen so far. Some quick comments
late at night (mainly nitpicking...)

1. I don't think the use of "patch it" is quite correct. I think to
"patch" something means to apply a patch. For simplicity, I think the
last two sections could be combined to read "Post it" and can describe
the process required to create and post a patch. That would also help
to reduce the length of the catchphrase, which I think is a good idea
but a bit too long for a catchphrase.  It could be reduced further by
removing one of the verbs in the second step, so for example:

"Get it, change it, check it, and post it!"

2. I think you should say which Creative Commons license is applicable.

3. In the "Get it" paragraph, "its" should be "it's".

4. Same section, where you refer to a folder, it would be good to have
the folder name ("po", or "C") in inverted commas, in the same way as
you have done for "internet".

5. The first word on the second page should be removed, for popey's sake.


6. In the "Check it" section, I would start a new sentence after "good to go".

7. In the "Post it" section, you have two "and"s, I think it would
read better with the first one as a comma.

I think the next stage is for some new contributors to give it a test
run and give some feedback about anything they found unclear or any
additional information that they needed to know in order to get going
with a simple fix.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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