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Wed Apr 22 20:14:14 UTC 2009

OpenWeek is a prevalent event and is gaining a fair bit of momentum.
We have Docs Day and a great chance to drive for new members.

I'd love it if we could use this as an opportunity to promote some new
ideas to assist transition, I understand time is short but think its
doable in the time frame:

Create a playbook: One for the Wiki and one for the system
documentation - just a single sheet of A4 with clear, simple guides.

IRC lessons: This doesn't need to be ready for next week but would be
nice if we could announce we were running a series of lessons on IRC,
much as MOTU have started doing. I've been following the MOTU lessons
and think we could define a format of, say 5 to 6 lessons and then run
a lesson each week. It might be prudent to repeat lessons for
different time zones to maximise availability. I appreciate this is a
time consuming activity, not just in lesson but in the questions and
follow up as well as the preparation but as each of has different
strengths I'm sure this could be manageable.

Hug days: I'm sure this is applicable to both sets of documentation
but would be particularly suitable to the community documentation,
which I'm sure we agree has areas that need tidying up (such as the
recently noted Mythbuntu docs). We could define an area, a date and
put up a list of what we want to achieve then promote that day as a
drive - exactly how the QA teams are doing.



Dougie Richardson
dougierichardson at

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