Request for review for .img file writing instructions

Emmet Hikory persia at
Tue Apr 21 15:03:02 UTC 2009

Matthew East wrote:
> Wow, I wasn't aware that img files could be used for installing from
> such devices. That's cool. Assuming that the instructions are the same
> for burning an .img file to a card and to a usb stick, then I think
> it's sensible to remove the "FromUSBStick" from the URL, and simply
> make it "Installation/FromIMGFiles". It can still be linked to from
> the "Installation/FromUSBStick" page.
> Then, we can create a further page such as
> "Installation/FromCardReaders" which is linked to from "Installation"
> so that people visiting the base landing page are aware that this is
> possible. The page itself could be very brief and simply link to the
> "Installation/FromImgFiles" page.
> Should a similar process be undertaken for ISO files, on the basis
> that these can also be burnt to a card reader?

    You can technically install from anything that your computer lets
you boot, be it USB drives, firewire drives, PCMCIA slots (with
appropriate cards), internal hard drives (preferably not the target
drive), the network, card readers, MD drives, optical drives,
sufficiently large floppies, etc.  In nearly all cases, the procedures
are essentially the same, although some software may not support some
targets (these are bugs, but they may not be important to upstream).

    To me, the more interesting distinction is in the downloaded file:
.iso files need special considerations to be be written to anything
other than CD or DVD drives, and .img files need special considerations
to be written to CD or DVD drives (this latter case is undocumented
currently).  This is a result of differences between the standards for
CDs or DVDs and those for most storage media.

    So, long term, as long as Ubuntu distributes both .iso and .img
files, I think it makes sense to have a short landing page addressing
the common case for each, and a conversion page for each, explaining how
to convert one to another (example use: someone may have a netbook with
an optical drive, and wish to install UNR from a CD).  The exception
being that booting from the network is somewhat special, and may deserve
it's own page (especially because a user may wish to only boot the
minimal netinstall image, rather than a normal live or alternate image).

>>    In terms of the mechanics of the split: I'm thinking to move
>> everything except the top-level "Install Ubuntu from a USB stick" from
>> the version previous to my edits to FromUSBStick/IsoFiles, put an edited
>> version of my original page in FromUSBStick/ImgFiles, and add an
>> additional section to FromUSBStick to explain the two types of files.
> That sounds good - thanks for the work.

    Based on your advice above, I've modified this a bit, as follows:

 * I've reverted Installation/FromUSBStick to the state before I started
editing it.
 * I've added a new Installation/FromImgFiles, based largely on
 * I've added a link to Installation/FromImgFiles to
 * I've added a link to Installation/FromImgFiles to BurningIsoHowto
 * I'm planning to add content to GettingUbuntu pointing to at least one
.img file as an option.

    I'd be happy to hear any further recommendations on changes.  My
main outstanding concern is that the term "flash media" may be
confusing: I may alter this, depending on the feedback I receive.


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