Request for review for .img file writing instructions

Matthew East mdke at
Mon Apr 20 11:09:11 UTC 2009

Hi Emmet,

On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 10:46 AM, Emmet Hikory <persia at> wrote:
> Documentation Team,
>    I've put together a short outline for how to write .img files to USB
> sticks or flash cards (1).  I'd like to request that someone review this
> document, and let me know what else is needed to make it suitable to be
> included with the regular Ubuntu documentation.
>    Ideally, I'd like to place it somewhere in parallel to the
> instructions to turn a .iso file into useful media (2).  Suggestions on
> an appropriate URL would be welcome.
> 1:
> 2:

I think to be consistent and most effective, this should be integrated
into this document:

That page currently deals with how to install an .iso file from a USB
stick, and ideally I think it should be split into two sections (or
maybe even subpages), the first dealing with .iso files, and the
second dealing with .img files.

Does that make sense?

Matthew East
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