[Merge] lp:~nhandler/ubuntu-doc/packaging-guides into lp:ubuntu-doc

Nathan Handler nhandler at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 19 18:15:18 UTC 2009

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 9:28 AM, Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> What's the reasoning behind wanting to move this back into docbook and
> the ubuntu-doc branch, and has it already been discussed with the
> development team?

I am not disagreeing that it is easier to maintain the documentation
on the wiki. However, an internet connection is required to access the
wiki documentation. By packaging it, the documentation would be
available whenever it is needed. I understand that most of the other
development-related documentation is on the wiki. However, the same
thing could be said about normal documentation (which is spread
between help.ubuntu.com, help.ubuntu.com/community, and
wiki.ubuntu.com). Also, I am not proposing that we require people to
make all changes to the packaging guide in the bzr branch. This would
be unpractical, and would cause many people to stop contributing to
the guide. Instead, I am suggesting that once per cycle, preferably
around the week before String Freeze, that we take advantage of the
diff feature on the wiki to see a list of all changes that were made
during that release cycle. We could then implement them in the bzr
branch. If a serious change is made to the packaging guide, we could
push the change to the bzr branch earlier. I personally do not care if
this is part of the ubuntu-docs binary package, but I thin it would
make sense to keep it in the same source package.

I had heard that the packaging guide had previously been included in
the documentation, but I have not read the actual discussion that took
place. If anyone has a link to that discussion, it would be greatly


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