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Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at
Fri Apr 10 15:11:49 UTC 2009

Matthew East wrote:
> 1. Introduction to the docteam. The Wiki  - what it is, learning the
> markup and our wiki best practices (WikiGuide)
> 2. The System Documentation - what they are, how to get them (bazaar),
> and learning the markup (docbook)
> 3. Documentation translation - issues and best practices

You've taken the same topics and squished them into fewer topic slots.
Which is fine, except for two things: 1. the squish is not always
appropriate (an introduction to the team is not sufficiently covered by
a tutorial on how to contribute to the Wiki). 2. some of these topics
need more time than what you've allotted.

This goes back to the underlying tone we project. Learning Bazaar and
DocBook in a one hour IRC session is not possible if you are truly new.
For us to suggest otherwise leaves the tone of, "if you can't figure
this out, you shouldn't be participating."

> Session 2 is obviously a big one, but I don't think it should be split
> into two sessions, because the information is very much inter-reliant.

DocBook and Bazaar are not inter-related. You don't need to know Bazaar
to know DocBook and you don't need to know DocBook to know Bazaar. The
sessions are not "how to upload system documentation to Launchpad." That
would be, in part, covered by a session on the tool chain we use.

I plan on posting the DocBook intro session to the DocBook and DocBook
apps mailing list as well. This will expose the documentation team to
potentially new contributors which fits with the mandate of open week,
"Ubuntu Open Week is a week of IRC tuition and Q+A sessions all about
getting involved in the rock-and-roll world that is the Ubuntu community."

All of now the Friday of OpenWeek is filled up. Adi snagged two of the
spots with LoCo and translation-related topics. And Ben has a session on
gaming (although we might be able to convince him to shift it if we do
have a cohesive idea for a full day of documentation).

Jono wraps up the last session with his wrap-up which leaves us with a
total of seven slots to play with. Six if Adi is going to keep the LoCo
slot on Friday?

1. The Docs Team: overview of wiki, system documentation and mailing
list and intro to the tool chain (moved up)
2. The wiki: our lowest hanging fruit, learn how to contribute here first
3. System documentation: The help button, the server guide and what it
means to be "official" docs
4. Bugs and docs: how the doc team fixes mistakes and how you can help
(this could be added to #1)
5. Bazaar: how to get the system docs
6. DocBook: reading and loving XML markup
7. Translation: intro to pot files and rosetta

Who else would be interested in giving a talk? I have given an OpenWeek
session before and I'm happy to help you prepare. We will have other
team experts hanging out in the IRC channel, so you don't need to worry
if you're not The Expert, you would "simply" be leading a session on a
topic that is of interest to you.

> Instead I think it can last two hours, rather than one (maybe with a
> short break). That way we have 4 hours worth of sessions on the
> ubuntu-doc project, which is very good, and at the same time not over
> the top in terms of hogging the timetable.

We would not be hogging the time table to take a whole day. Jorge has
already encouraged us to do so. to see the schedule as it
shapes up.


Emma Jane Hogbin

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