[announcement] apt links on the wiki

Andrew Sayers andrew-bugs.launchpad.net at pileofstuff.org
Fri Apr 10 14:38:21 UTC 2009

A macro that inserts a whole sentence seems good in the common case, but 
could be a problem in unusual cases (like the one I mentioned earlier). 
  How about  <<Install(foo)>> does the whole sentence, while 
<<Install_brief(foo)>> just makes a link?  The long, ugly name would 
encourage people only to use it when necessary.  I've been playing 
around with some implementations at:


I put it up on the wiki so people could play around with it and see if 
they can think of something better.  As of the time of writing, the 
<<Install()>> macro is:

[[InstallingSoftware#installing-a-package|install the packages]] 
''foo'', ''bar'', and ''baz'' 
[[apt:foo,bar,baz|{{attachment:IconsPage/apt.png|Click here to install 
the packages 'foo', 'bar', and 'baz'}}]]

While the <<Install_brief()>> macro is:

[[apt:foo,bar,baz|{{attachment:IconsPage/apt.png|Click here to install 
the packages 'foo', 'bar', and 'baz'}}]]

apt.png is just a placeholder that will need to be replaced by something 
smaller.  The examples install three packages at once so we can argue 
over proper use of commas :)

I would, of course, be happy to do the five minutes of programming if 
you're up for the hours of admin-pestering.

	- Andrew

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