Wiki Team Launchpad permissions (was Re: Proposal: Create product for each derivative's documentation)

Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at
Thu Apr 9 22:12:50 UTC 2009

Dougie Richardson wrote:
> Can we flesh this skeleton out?
> ubuntu-doc
> - ubuntu-doc-admin (restricted) - set status, commit to branch
> - ubuntu-doc-contributer (open) - ?
> - ubuntu-wiki-admin (restricted) - delete, immute, whatever

I'd flip the order and make it (alphabetically):

- ubuntu-doc-admin-wiki
- ubuntu-doc-admin-system
- ubuntu-doc-contributor

Everyone should be able to contribute to all documentation, but only
some people may "administer" the documentation.

> We also need to define a set of requirements for these roles. I have a
> couple of ideas about system documentation accessibility but the code

Yes!! Plan first, code second! How can you write the code without
knowing how people ought to participate on the team? The plan needs to
include upstream and translations and all of the ways that we can
contribute to a positive user experience through documentation. Right
now we have very strong duct tape and a few committed people that apply
more duct tape as needed. It has held together pretty well, but now it's
time to think WAY bigger!


Emma Jane Hogbin

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