Why not enabling APT links in the Documentation??? (bis)

yann_ubuntu-1 at yahoo.fr yann_ubuntu-1 at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 7 16:40:59 UTC 2009

>From what i saw today, you have less "Games" pages than the French Documentation ;)

I don't mind if you don't have time for this, i will do it progressively.

Just keep me informed when the APT links are enabled :)


> > Yann is here today, and he's offering (on his own or
> on behalf of
> > others?) to do the hard part - tracking down prose
> explanations about
> > how to install packages.
> Great but does he realise how many pages are on the wiki?
> > In return, he's effectively asking for someone to do a
> search+replace when
> > the time comes.


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