Why not enabling APT links in the Documentation??? (bis)

Andrew Sayers andrew-bugs.launchpad.net at pileofstuff.org
Tue Apr 7 12:33:53 UTC 2009

I definitely take the point that the security issues are a good enough 
reason to say "no" by default, but I've personally been nudged over into 
the "yes" column for now by the opposing argument.

I think the implementation being proposed works around the downtime 
issue: the reader is provided a link to the wiki's "installing packages" 
page, the name of the package, and a link to packagebase.  If pkgb.net 
goes down, readers can just click on the "install" link and follow the 
instructions the old-fashioned way.

Yann is here today, and he's offering (on his own or on behalf of 
others?) to do the hard part - tracking down prose explanations about 
how to install packages.  In return, he's effectively asking for someone 
to do a search+replace when the time comes.  If there's a way to use the 
old search system (or to search the contents of hyperlinks with the new 
one), I'll volunteer to do that search+replace.

Hopefully apt: urls will be available next week, and avoiding 
packagebase will just cost us a week's work.  But if it takes another 
few months, there could be several ex-volunteers complaining that we 
value procedure over pragmatism.  It's a judgement call, and admittedly 
my judgement is affected by non-Ubuntu-related experiences of relying on 
promised things which never turn up, but I remain nudged into the "yes" 
column even so :)

	- Andrew

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